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Trekking And Camping In Himachal Pradesh

Trekking And Camping In Himachal Pradesh

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The majestic Himalayas moved Rudyard Kipling to remark, "Surely the gods live here; this is no place for men." Himachal Pradesh is renowned for the variety of landscapes that it passes through. There are forests, lakes formed by glaciers, mountains covered with snow, plains, and ice stretches. The Himachali villages that dot the cliffs are a remarkable highlight of your hiking expedition. Himachal Pradesh offers trekking opportunities from March to September. In Himachal Pradesh, the price of trekking is relatively low. For those seeking more, countless walkways lead to various hills, valleys, and waterfalls. There are various best short treks in Manali making hiking in Manali an extraordinary experience.

Top 23 Best Trekking Places In Himachal Pradesh

We have narrowed down 23 trekking trails in Himachal Pradesh that travel through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. These hikes are only for experienced walkers but also include some easy treks in Himachal. Before traveling to these locations, bear the following:

1. Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek

The picturesque, snow-white Kheer Ganga near Kasol is a mountain stream. It originates from the mountains above, and the only way to get to it is by making a quick but challenging walk. Trekking enthusiasts exclaim about the splendor of the well-known Kheer Ganga Trek, widespread across the country. With only a few brief stops, the walk, which is only about 12 kilometers long, may be completed in less than 5 or 6 hours. It is among the best winter treks in Himachal.

• Days spent trekking: 1-2 days trek in Himachal

• The highest point: 9,711 feet.

• Level of Difficulty: Simple

2. Malana Village Trek

Malana Village Trek

The 4-kilometer Malana hamlet hike leads to one of the oldest settlements in India and begins in the Himachal village of Jari. One thing you absolutely must do when you visit the mountains takes a long stroll down the curvy, winding trails that pierce the hills' interiors. The captivating trek from Kasol to Malana must be experienced by tourists planning a trip to Kasol. Your thoughts will be cleared by the gloomy mornings and the brisk mountain air. This is one of the most instructive weekend treks in Himachal.

• Days spent trekking: 6 days 

• The highest point: 10,000 feet. 

• Level of Difficulty: Moderate

3. Trek to Beas Kund

Trek to Beas Kund

Beas Kund, situated in the Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas, is a stunning location and enormous historical value. A brief journey must be completed to get to Beas Kund. The 15–17-kilometer hike can quickly be completed in three days. Since it is not particularly demanding, it is appropriate for all age groups. You don't need to be an expert hiker to complete this adventure. The campgrounds along the trail offer somewhere to rest while taking in the natural scenery.

• Days spent trekking: 2 Days trek in Himachal

• Maximum Altitude: 12,139 ft

• Level of Difficulty: Easy

4. Trek to Chandrakhani Pass

Trek to Chandrakhani Pass

The Deo Tibba and Pirpanjal ranges are beautifully and magnificently seen from the Chandrakhani Pass Trek. Two thousand fifty to three thousand six hundred and sixty meters. This hike is among the low- and moderate-altitude ones available in Himachal Pradesh. The trek in Naggar passes through Rumsu, Ganachalani, and Valenti. The best trekking in Himachal Pradesh may be found here.

• Days spent trekking: 3 Days trek in Himachal 

• Maximum Altitude: 12000 ft 

• Level of Difficulty: Easy

5. Trek to Jakhu Temple

Trek to Jakhu Temple

The Jakhu Shrine in Shimla, a temple devoted to Lord Hanuman, is well-known for being the residence of countless cute monkeys. At the temple, a 108-foot-tall statue of Lord Hanuman is the center of attention. The temple, which rises to 2455 meters on Shimla's tallest mountain, is a popular destination for pilgrims. Visitors can see the Jakhu Shrine's 108-foot-tall Hanuman Statue, concealed by deodar trees while trekking to the temple.

• Days for Trekking: 1-day 

• Maximum Altitude: 8,054 feet 

• Level of Difficulty: Easy

6. Trek to Prashar Lake

Trek to Prashar Lake

In Kullu Valley, the massive Dhauladhar hills encircle Prashar Lake. A spectacular 180-degree panorama of the Dhauladhar, Pir Pinjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges may be enjoyed from this Himalayan trekking location. There are two ways to go to Prashar Lake: one is via Biaggi Village, and the other is via Jwalapur Village.
Comparing the Biaggi village route to the Jwalapur route, the Biaggi village path is a little more challenging. From Delhi, it is the ideal wintertime snow trip.

• Days spent trekking: 1-2 days trek in Himachal 

• Maximum Altitude: 8,960 ft 

• Level of Difficulty: Easy

7. Hampta Pass Trek

Hamta Village, situated in the Pir Panjal region, is where the name of the Hampta Pass originates. Only a few trekkers and mostly herders travel here at the height of 14000 feet. One of the most challenging treks in Himachal Pradesh is the Hampta Pass walk, surrounded by glaciers, rivulets, craggy rocks, and meadows. This walk must be undertaken with the Himachal Pradesh hiking map.

• Days spent trekking: 5 days 

• Maximum Altitude: 13,500 feet 

• Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

8. Triund Trek Himachal Pradesh

Triund Trek Himachal Pradesh

If you're looking for solitary treks in Himachal, you should unquestionably head to Triund and meet the mountains there. The Dhauladhar ranges appear enormous and magnificent. Have a bonfire while camping at night under the stars. You'll consider yourself fortunate to be in such a setting. Triund is unlike any other place on earth. You can verify it for yourself if you don't believe us. It is among the best treks in Himachal.

• Days spent trekking: 2 Days trek in Himachal 

• Maximum Altitude: 9,350 ft 

• Difficulty Level: Easy

9. Trek to Bhrigu Lake

9. Trek to Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake hike, at a height of 14,000 feet, will offer you the highest high. No other Himalayan journey allows you to get to such a stunning location in just two days. This trip is one of the top summer treks in Himachal Pradesh because May to June is the perfect period to complete. For a novice, it might be too much because of how steep the trails are on this hike.

• Days spent trekking: 3 days trek in Himachal 

• Maximum altitude: 14,000 ft 

• Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

10. Trek to Pin Parvati Pass

Pin Parvati is an excellent choice for challenging hikes in Himachal. The walk puts you at 16,000 feet and offers you breathtaking scenery. Since the terrain is steep and challenging, it is not a good walk for beginners or novices. Even seasoned hikers need to have enough stamina to attempt this trek. High mountain passes, sloping meadows, snowy vistas, and boulder fields will all be encountered. You should be mentally prepared for the 9-day walk as well.
days for the trek

• Days spent trekking: 7-8 days 

• Maximum altitude: 17,450 ft 

• Difficulty Level: Difficult

11. Deo Tibba Base Camp

Deo Tibba Base Camp

If you're ambitious, you can complete the walk to Deo Tibba Base Camp, located on the mountain's foot. The hike, located in a rural area, offers beautiful views of the natural world and mountain ranges. This walk will present you with various difficulties that will help you become ready for more challenging mountain treks and expeditions. This walk needs strength and endurance, making it inappropriate for novices.

• Days spent trekking: 5-6 days 

• Maximum Altitude: 20,000 ft 

• Difficulty Level: Difficult

12. Trek to Sar Pass

Sar Pass Journey is a different trek that has emerged from the Kasol area and will provide magnificent Himalayan views. Everything about this walk is unique and charming, from the camping to the tempting views. Deodar and pine trees line the trail, and colored flowers bloom in the meadows. Sar Pass is a very ethereal alpine hike.

• Days spent trekking: 4-5 days 

• Maximum Altitude: 14,000 ft 

• Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

13. Chamba Trek

Everyone looking for adventure should attempt the Chamba Trek, which begins in Dalhousie. The Chamba hike is as magnificent as it gets, offering hypnotic views of the natural magnetic wonders, vast blue skies, and lush green vegetation. No wonder this is one of the famous treks in Himachal.
The gorgeous Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges and the strange routes winding through the deodar jungles make this trip one of the most significant in Himachal Threeradesh.

• Days spent trekking: 3 days trek in Himachal 

• Maximum Altitude: 3270 ft 

• Difficulty Level: Easy

14. Dainkund Trek

Dainkund Trek is ideal for all adventure seekers searching for Himachal trekking trails because it is the tallest peak in the Dalhousie region. The viewer is in awe of this peak's 360-degree views of the entire valley. Due to the musical rhythms that the trees create, this peak is also known as the singing peak. There are numerous diverse kinds here, ranging from pine to oak. Atop the hill, a temple adds to the area's tranquility.

• Days spent Trekking: 1 day 

• Maximum Altitude: 9000 ft; 

• Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

15. Outstanding Trek in the Great Himalayan National Park

Trekking up to the Great Himalayan National Park is as exhilarating as it gets. This trip, which starts at Shilt Thatch, leads to a beautiful location with wild animals and various natural delights. Just picture yourself looking up at a canopy of tall trees, spots of sunlight piercing the rough leaves. Cross the River Tirthan, relax by the serene waters, take in the tranquility, and see various rare bird and animal species.

• Days spent Trekking: 5 days 

• Maximum Altitude: 10,000 ft; 

• Difficulty Level: Moderate

16. Bijli Mahadev Temple

Perhaps one of the most rewarding trekking routes in Himachal is the one to Bijli Mahadev Temple. This location's spectacular views are unmatched, despite the small amount of time it takes to reach the peak. After the ascent, one can see the Shiva temple, a metal Trishul, and a butter-only Shiva linga. The odd thing about this is that Shiva Linga never melts, despite being composed of butter! One can head to the rear of the hill after continuing to climb and pass the temple for vistas that will leave one's mouth open, heart racing, and eyes misting with emotion.

• Days spent Trekking: 1 day 

• Maximum Altitude: 8,000 ft; 

• Difficulty Level: Easy

17. Tirthan Valley

There is no shortage of breathtaking hill towns in the Himachal region. One such peak is the Tirthan Valley, where foot traffic has increased dramatically during the past few years. Although the walk will last at least a weekend, the beginning Valley can get quite crowded; these are precisely people who share your interests in hiking and traveling. This valley is an excellent place to lose in nature and escape the concrete jungles. For those searching for a long holiday in the country's mountains, Tirthan Valley is a terrific option.

• Days spent Trekking: 8 days 

• Maximum Altitude: 4,921 ft; 

• Difficulty Level: Moderate

18. Trek to Kareri Lake

Himachali trekking is about getting away from the routine and busy life back home. One such excursion is the Kareri Lake Trek, which is ideal for taking in the natural wonders' most beautiful and scenic vistas. The Kareri Lake trip, located in the Kangra district, travels along trails boldly lined by chir and chilgoza pines. For those interested in taking beautiful landscape photographs and wildlife enthusiasts, the combination of the trees, the lake, the campgrounds, and the clear skies are paradisiacal.

• Days spent Trekking: 3 days trek in Himachal 

• Maximum Altitude: 9,600 ft; 

• Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

19. Mcleodganj's Indrahar Pass Trek

The Indrahar Pass Trek is one of the top trekking locations in Himachal, offering stunning vistas of the Dhauladhar and Himalayan peaks as well as rustic Lahesh caves. The pass, which separates the districts of Kangra and Chamba, is a difficult journey with numerous steep climbs and abrupt ascents.

• Days spent Trekking: 4-5 days 

• Maximum Altitude: 14,245 ft; 

• Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

20. Trek to Lake Glacier

The Lake Glacier trip, which is a 13 km journey, is one of the top hikes in Himachal. You may take in the fantastical scenery and various forests, including oak, deodar, and rhododendron forests, while on the challenging hike. Beginning at Bhagsu Falls and heading toward Triund, the walk will last at least a weekend.

• Days spent Trekking: 3 days trek in Himachal 

• Maximum Altitude: 9,500 ft; 

• Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

21. Trekking Friendship Peak

Friendship Peak Trek is one of the best destinations in Himachal for hiking. Because this location is in the Pir Panjal range, trekkers will undoubtedly enjoy some of the most breathtaking scenery and breathtaking views. The journey, which starts in the Solang valley and features gushing streams, a lush forest region, and vibrantly coloured meadows, becomes extremely difficult at higher heights.

• Days spent Trekking: 9 days 

• Maximum Altitude: 17,348 ft; 

• Difficulty Level: Difficult

22. Trek to Bhaba Pass – Manali Trekking Places

The Bhaba Pass Trek is the best trek in manali, Himachal. There are several places to go trekking in Himachal, but the Bhaba Pass Trek, which begins in Shimla and concludes in Manali, seems to be the most malana breathtaking of them all. When hikers reach the summit, they are rewarded with stunning views and a glimpse of the well-known Pin Parvati pass. Enjoy your stay at one of Himachal's unique hotels. This is among the best treks near Manali. Also, Trekking price in Manali is not very high.

• Days spent Trekking: 4-5 days 

• Maximum Altitude: 16,000 ft; 

• Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

23. Tosh Valley Trekking

The Tosh valley trip, which is a simple hike, is one of the best treks in Himachal. You must unquestionably choose the Tosh Valley Trek if you are a beginner hiker. The valley is renowned for its unparalleled beauty and expansive views that are sure to enchant you. There won't be an AMS issue if you decide to go on this hike. Discover some of Himachal's top hill towns.

• Days spent Trekking: 4-5 Hours 

• Maximum Altitude: 7,874 ft; 

• Difficulty Level: Simple

Among the best short treks in Himachal. Trekking in Himachal Pradesh is not for the timid. Your mental and physical fortitude will be put to the test, and your perceptions of the location will be enhanced. These Himachal Pradesh hiking paths not only force you to push yourself to the maximum but also reveal the untamed, untamed beauty of the majestic Himalayan hills. It is simple to fall in love with the picturesque splendor of this location. These are some best treks in Himachal Pradesh including treks near Dharamshala..