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10 Best Water Sports in Goa

10 Best Water Sports in Goa

  • 2022-09-17T06:32:53.541Z

Goa, the smallest state in India, is well known for its beaches as well as its adventurous and recreational time. Goa, which is also known as "Queen of the Beaches," is a city in western India with a population of 1.8 million. This place promises to give your vacation a memorable experience and has a rich cultural heritage. Goa has a long coastline and clear skies, which provide plenty of possibilities for sea adventurers to try their skills. While the sea, sand, and sun are sufficient reasons to pack up your bags and visit Goa once.

Goa is a popular tourist destination among both Indians and foreign visitors because of the variety of activities and water activities here. In Goa, practically every beach has safe and regulated adventure sports facilities, so if the adventurer in you is yearning for some adventures, come to Goa.

How to explore the city?

Tourists have a variety of ways to explore the city. In Goa, you can rent a scooter, bike, or car daily, which is not common in other Indian states. All you need is a driver's license to get in one of these vehicles and visit the top tourist attractions in Goa. Tourists prefer motorbikes and scooters over other forms of vehicles as they are provided at a very cheap rate.

Best Water sports in Goa

While you're out and about in the beautiful state of Goa, take a look at everything that's in store for you and learn more about the adventurous activities and fascinating watersports in Goa for an enjoyable vacation. Everyone can engage in the adventure sports Goa has to offer, from beginners to experts. Here is a list of all the events you must not miss in Goa!

Water Skiing

As you rush through the waters, picking up speed, feel the thrill and adventure as ocean water splashes across your face. To enjoy water skiing in Goa to its fullest, you must keep your balance right and be physically active.

Try water skiing if that sounds like your kind of adventure. This is a well-liked water activity in Goa and is suitable for anyone who can handle some stomach-churning action. Before getting on the speedboat, one skill you need to have been the ability to swim. This skill is mandatory for Water Skiing


One of the most exciting water sports in Goa is parasailing. Enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean from above as you fly through the air. One of the simplest and most entertaining water sports in Goa is parasailing, which is incredibly popular there.

The speedboat will drag you up into the air as it travels at a high rate of speed. The experience is very exciting, and the beauty of the blue sky and the blue ocean below is fascinating. For the greatest experiences of Parasailing in Goa, visit Dona Paula Beach, Baga Beach, and Arambol Beach.

Water Surfing

Another popular water sport in Goa is windsurfing, which is a combination of both sailing and surfing. For windsurfing, all you need is a two to three meters long surfboard. The board travels across the sea through the force of the wind. The thrill can be seen here. Surfing at noon or in the evening, when the wind is typically strong, is preferable if you want an extreme thrill.

To quickly adjust the sails to the wind's constantly changing direction, you must be quick, fast, and fit. You will also be at sea continuously on the strongest waves. So, you must be fit for doing Water surfing.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is another level of water sport you must try in Goa. It offers the perfect amount of excitement for tourists of all ages. The combination of the warm golden light and the chilly wind feels wonderful. Regardless of your comfort level, jet skiing is one of the most entertaining and well-liked watersports in Goa and must-do activity.

The excitement of surfing can be experienced alone, but it's even more fun when a colleague, member of your family, or your significant other accompanies you. If you are unable to swim, life jackets are a need.

Scuba Diving

People who have lived their entire lives on land will find marine life to be truly surprising. Goa is well-known for its marine life and has many stunning beaches where visitors can engage in a variety of water sports. Scuba diving is unquestionably the most exciting activity that allows you to explore the underwater world. Without scuba diving, a trip to Goa is not supposed to be complete.

Go and do scuba diving in Goa to explore the huge coral reefs and become captivated by the fascinating marine life. Without a doubt, one of the most thrilling and well-liked water activities in Goa is scuba diving. Consider snorkeling if scuba diving is too much hassle for you. Many tourists who don't want to train before engaging in scuba Diving can prefer snorkeling because it offers a nearly identical surreal feeling of submerging yourself below with marine wildlife.

River Rafting

Goa is lucky to have a plethora of natural beauty sites and adventure places. River rafting is the most thrilling and exciting sport in Goa because of the large number of rivers that flows from the Western Ghats.

Feel the quiet breeze of the river alternating with the rush of wind in your hair. White water rafting, one of the most popular water sports, is now also available in Goa. Enjoy the ride along the Mhadei River while you are surrounded by lovely, lush trees and vegetation. It will be an experience you will never forget.

River rafting in Goa is most enjoyable from June to September.


One of the best ways to enjoy the sea is on a cruise. The beauty of cruising is that it teaches you about the environment's wildlife, plants, and marine life. Because of the opportunity to enjoy traditional Portuguese cuisine while taking in an exotic view of this beautiful state, cruises in Goa have become to be highly popular among tourists. There are numerous options for cruises, starting from small boats to large yachts with professional crew members who will care of all your needs while you're away and on the trip.


A jet ski provides the platform for the water sport known as flyboarding. The idea is straightforward: riders sit on the back of their jet skis and ride them across waves created by other boats or people in kayaks. Even though it's one of the newest water activities in Goa, it has already overtaken other sports in popularity with visitors. For first-timers seeking something who wants new, unique, and exciting, flyboarding is perfect. Flyboarding gives a lot of fun with friends or family while taking in the ocean breeze.

Banana Boat Ride

Another interesting water sport in Goa is a banana boat ride. The Banana boat ride is preferred by many young and old individuals, and youngsters could also find it fascinating. It can be the best activity for any age group and is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the sea, get wet, and enjoy Goa beaches. Most beaches in Goa offer banana boat rides, however, the cost varies depending on where you go. It is also among the simplest water activities to engage in Goa. To have a good time, you should surely think about engaging in this adventure water sport in Goa.


This water activity is last but not least, Paddleboarding in Goa. Even though it appears to be a simple sport, trying to balance everything will wear you out. Even though this one appears to be extremely calm, nothing could be harder than this. The sport consists of nothing more complex than standing on a big surfboard and using just one paddle to move through open water. This is for individuals seeking a more difficult activity to engage in on the ocean.

Before beginning, this exciting activity in the Arabian Sea, make sure to register with a renowned agency and practice for a few days, for the best experience.