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10 Things First Time Visitors to Goa  Must Know!

10 Things First Time Visitors to Goa Must Know!

  • 2022-08-18T13:45:05.431Z

Goa – The popular travel destination. Popular for its culture, Food, Beaches, cocktails, and much more. The peaceful Vibrant locations will give you exposure to nature’s beauty is and the beach parties and dazzling nightlife make it a popular youth destination. Every travel freak out there must have visited Goa once in their life. And if not visited then Goa must be there on their bucket list. So if you are planning a trip to Goa or traveling there for the first time, here’s a checklist of some things to keep in your mind that you must not ignore.

1) Best time to Goa visit:-

First of all, plan your trip accordingly so that you make out every bit of it, and make sure to visit Goa from November to February. This is the time when the weather is very much pleased with an alarming scenic beauty. You can chill out there and have complete relaxation from stress. Avoid traveling to Goa in off seasons that is April to August. April and May is the time of summer so you will be dealing with sunburns and extreme humidity there. June, July, and August is the season of monsoon. People love Goa for beaches, sand, and sun but during monsoon time you will find beaches with rain, which will not be a good deal to travel this time of year.

2) Choosing your transportation:-

To set your sail off in and around Goa you have a variety of options available which can be switched according to your need, budget, and comfort.

• Public transportation

public transport in Goa largely consists of privately operated buses. These buses have widely connected routes throughout the area. They even link major towns to rural and remote areas. There are bus stops everywhere around the town. Some state bus services are there which will help you travel to some main cities like Mapusa, Panaji, Ponda, and Margao. These buses have a specific time and stop. You will have to book or pre-book your tickets for it. The name of places and cities they will stop will be written on the front side of the bus which will help you to find which bus to take. Buses are the cheapest mode of transportation there. You’ll have to pay 10rs – 15rs for 2 to 3 kilometers. You can take local buses and save some of your money as spending so much money only on transportation will not be a good deal. 

• Two-wheelers

Exploring Goa on two-wheelers has its advantages. And is also advised to explore on bikes as you will have your own space and freedom to choose wherever you want to go and whenever you want to go. How much time to spend on a spot and also for avoiding the traffic due to crowd. It is said that Goa is the place for bikers. You’ll be in awe to have a bike ride in the mesmerizing beauty of Goa. But keep your safety in your mind. Rush driving is not advisable as the place is crowded there. If you are traveling alone then you can take the motorcycle taxi facility. A driver, who is called pilot there, will guide you and take you to your desired destinations. These pilots will cost you around 15rs to 20rs per kilometer and serve only one traveler at a time. If you are a group of friends traveling together you can enjoy the facility of hiring bikes there. Hiring bikes will cost you 300rs to 500rs per day. This can also range according to your bike type if you are hiring a Royal Enfield then it will cost you around 1200 per day. These bikes are the other cheaper mode than buses

• Auto Rickshaws:-

These three-wheelers will be available everywhere you go.A cheap and convenient mode of transport. These can be metered or unmetered. Here the bargaining works. It will cost you around 7rs to 10rs per kilometer

• Cabs and taxis:-

They can be booked online and will help you explore the tourist destinations in the best possible way. Charges are according to the installed meters. It can cost you 8rs per kilometer. Pre-paid taxi services are easily found and hired at the airport which follows a standard amount based on the number of kilometers.

• By Cars:-

If money is not the problem to worry then hire a car and have a hassle-free trip. The only problem you will face sometimes will be traffic and crowds. But this will not be problematic at all. If you want a safe ride go for it. There are several car rental services in Goa. You can opt for any of them whom you find trusting. You can hire a car for your self-drive or with a driver also. The cost will be around 1000rs per day to 3000rs per day. Again the cost depends on the type of car you chose. The more luxurious the car more the cost. It can go above 4000rs per day also. Also, the rental services give discounts on pre-booking so keep an eye on it while planning the trips.

3) Explore the popular as well as unpopular beaches:-

Goa is known for its beaches. Plan your Goa trip in a way so that you can explore both the North and the South Beaches because both the places have different experiences to offer and in the end, it will be worth it. The beaches of North Goa are the most popular ones and are always on tourists' lists. These beaches offer crazy beach parties, adventure sports, dazzling nightlife with DJs, insane bands and dance, and delicious restaurants. Baga beach, Arambol beach Vagator beach, Sinquerim beach are Anjuna beach, are some of the famous beaches out there. 

Your tour guide must not tell you but keep in your mind to explore the unpopular beaches of South Goa out there. Travelers must leave those places thinking there’s not much to look forward to but if you want a peaceful quality time in Goa you must visit there as those beaches are less crowded with full of scenic beauty and peacefulness. Even these beaches are gaining popularity for their serene, due the reason why Some travelers are coming for a relaxing weekend here. Some of these beaches are Palolem beach, Agonda beach, Varca beach, Butterfly beach, Colva beach, and many more.

4) The delicious Goan food:-

When you are in Goa try to experiment on your taste buds. The cuisines of Goa have contrasting influences. The spices flavors are a fusion of Portuguese, Arab, French, Konkan, Brazilian, Chinese, and Malaysian touches. Goan food is incomplete without rice, fish, or fish curry. You will find multiple dishes of fish. The seafood there is not to be missed. Kingfish, prawns, mackerel, pomfret, shark, and Tuna have their delicacies in tourists' hearts.

5) Goa Scuba diving:-

Scuba diving consists of adventure activities underwater. You can have the best experience of scuba diving in Goa and that too in South Goa. Less crowded clearer water, here you can get the best view of marine life and can meet marine animals. The cost of Scuba Diving in Goa ranges from 1500rs to 3500rs. During off seasons, the costs are low and during the seasons when tourists are crowded then the prices can go above 4000 also. Also, discount packages are available there so better if you get a good one. There’s a big question – can non-swimmers do scuba diving or not? Well, they can do but swimmers are confident in the water and they can survey more but non-swimmers are not that much confident and all the time you need the help of your guide but they can do if they follow the instructions of the guide carefully.

6) Paragliding and Parasailing:-

Another adventure sport that one should not miss while in Goa. Paragliding and Parasailing are performed in the sky. One can have a clear outlook how’s the view of the land from the sky and also will have a feeling of flying in the sky. Paragliding is a free-flying sport. It happens for 15 minutes or half an hour. It will cost you around 700rs to 1200rs. If highly trained then one can go for 60 minutes and this will cost around 5000rs. Parasailing you with a harness and parachute will be tied in a motorboat it’s a safe sport. It will cost around 500 to 800 for 15 to 30 minutes.

Again it will be good if you are lucky enough to grab a good discount package on these sports. 

7) Churches of Goa:-

Churches of Goa have been a part of Goan culture for a time out of mind. Here the churches are known for their alluring architecture which resembles the historical ages. The elegance of the churches here will amaze you. The Churches and convents of Goa is the name given by UNESCO to a set of religious monuments of Goa. Do not forget to visit them. Some of the best and most famous churches are,

• Basilica of Bom Jesus

• Se Cathedral

• Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

• Mae De Dues Church

• Church of our Lady of immaculate conception.

• St. Sebastian Chapel

Out of them, the oldest Church is The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary which was built in 1543. This church is still standing embedding several stories and memories of years and years in it. And The Basilica of Bom Jesus is the famous world Heritage Site in Goa. Take out some time during your trip and do visit these churches.

8) Do shop from the flea market:-

The flea markets on the Goa beaches are a true paradise for Shopaholics. You will be finding varieties of items ranging from beautiful and decent pieces of jewelry, handicrafts, artworks, hippie clothing, funky footwear, herbs, spices, home decoration items, trinkets made up of seashells, Gemstones, and a hell lot of items. But remember! Play your bargaining game right and you will be in profit. Other than shops there are palm readers and tarot card readers who can look into your future and tell about your fortune. If you believe in these fortune tellers then this is the place for you. And apart from all these things, these flea markets offer different types of activities, like Anjuna flea market on Wednesday hosts, live music and band performances on the beach for their visitors, this market is one of the most famous flea markets in Goa. Another famous market is The Saturday night market in Arpora also known as the indigo night market which gives a true insight into the vibe of Goa. Visitors can enjoy varieties of cocktails, beers, chilled wine, and delicious foods from the best restaurants out there. Another one is the Baga Market. The main attraction of this market is the beachside saloons. Other markets such as Arambol street market, Mackie's night bazaar, and Calangute Market Square can offer hippie Beachwear, delicious prawns, lip-smacking food, Kashmiri and Tibetan stalls, and not to miss the musical extravaganza. 

9) Skincare should be your priority:-

Goa means the sunshine city. When you are on your beach vacation you are free to wear anything there so visitors prefer to wear loose and short clothes leading to exposure to more and more sun. Traveling in the season or off-season do care for your skin as you will be at high risk to get your skin tanned and sunburns too.

Apply good quality sunscreen everywhere on your skin and every day till the time you are in Goa. You can reapply it every few hours if needed. Wear sunglasses and a hat or scarf to protect your face and eyes. If possible use an umbrella. These tips all together will help you to protect your skin complexion. In case you are tanned do use scrubs and home remedies to get rid of those tans.

10) Keep it clean and play your part as a responsible tourist:-

Every year after the Vacation season ends we get to hear the news of dirt on roads, famous tourist places, and especially the dirt around the beaches. Trash is found all over the tourist spots. The people around and especially the visitors insensitively litter the place. Ruining the place’s beauty and serenity. The tourist department took the initiative to clean the beaches and other beautiful spots but fails due to a lack of cooperation from people and visitors.

Beaches and places can’t be trash and waste-free unless or until we come together as one and take the responsibility to keep them clean. It becomes heart-wrenching to see those famous and vibrant spots and beaches losing their beauty due to a lack of cleanliness. What about the upcoming visitors they’ll be having this awful view of dirty beaches. So if you are visiting Goa try to focus on the cleanliness of the places. It is true that one person alone cannot do this but can take the initiative oneself not to spread or throw belongings like paper plates, beer bottles plastics, or packets on the beaches and roads. Throw them at their reserved places. Let the beauty of the place continue so it serves as the best vacation spot in upcoming years also.

So, follow this checklist and have a memorable trip to Goa.