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A Guide To Goa’s Best Beaches

A Guide To Goa’s Best Beaches

  • 2022-08-24T15:30:24.330Z

Look no further if you're looking for the nicest beaches in Goa. From north to south, we'll take you on a tour of some of Goa's most beautiful and secluded beaches. We'll begin with the most well-known beaches in north Goa, such as Anjuna, Calangute, and Baga. These beaches are known for their nightlife and party atmosphere, but they also have beautiful beach views and a variety of activities. Then we'll head to the tranquil beaches of south Goa, such as Palolem, Agonda, and Morjim. These beaches are ideal for people seeking a quiet and peaceful retreat.

So, whether you want a party beach or a peaceful retreat, we have you covered.

Candolim Beach

Candolim, located around 13 kilometers north of Panaji, is another well-known beach. Thousands of tourists visit it each year. This beach is slightly more expensive than the nearby Calangute beach; however, it is less crowded except during peak season, which is between December and January. This beach is stunning and has a relaxed vibe, with dunes in the background. Water activities such as paragliding and water skiing are popular at the beach. The beach is pristine and hosts numerous activities.

Baga Beach draws more visitors, leaving Candolim Beach delightfully quiet and magnificently lovely. It's a friendly environment with just enough development to keep people entertained and comfortable. Spend all day at Candolim Beach.


• 11 kilometers separate Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand from Candolim Beach, 38 km separate Vasco Da Gama Railway Station, and 12 km separate Mapusa.

• Goa (GOI), which is 16.9 kilometers away and has an airport, is the nearest to Candolim. Another nearby airport is Belgaum (IXG) (98.8 km).

• Aguada Fort (5.5 km), Sinquerim Beach (2.9 km), and Calangute Beach (5 km) are a few of the well-liked places to visit from Candolim.

Mandrem Beach

The distance between Panaji and this serene beach is 21 kilometers. It is among the best-kept secrets in Goa. Between Ashwem and Arambol is a huge beach with crystal-clear water and silvery-white sand. There is a rocky ledge between the beaches of Mandrem and Arambol. Mandrem beach has a few small rock formations and excellent waves. Mandrem Creek follows the beach's coastline in a straight line. It is amazing to see how Mandrem Creek fills up with seawater during high tide. There is a little fishing settlement next to the shore. There are shops, hotels, restaurants, and facilities for alternative therapies lining the short path that leads to this wonderful beach. Numerous yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic facilities may be found in Mandrem.


• Goa Airport (GOI) is 34 kilometers from Mandrem Beach.

• Mandrem Beach in North Goa is 31 kilometers from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand.

• Mandrem Beach is located in North Goa, 57 kilometers from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station.

• Morjim Beach (6.2 km), Pernem Bhagwati Temple (9.6 km), Arambol Beach (6 km), Ravalnath Temple (4.4 km), and Ashvem Beach are other popular places to visit from Mandrem (1.8 km).

Vagator Beach

Vagator, one of Goa's most famous beaches, is located around 21 kilometers north of Panaji. Vagator Beach is a must-see on every Goa beach trip. Vagator Beach is known for its rustic appeal and beautiful flora, thanks to its red cliffs. People enjoy strolling along the beach and taking in a natural beauty that surrounds them. Its isolation and tranquility draw guests looking for a break from the bustling seaside lifestyles. It is as pristine and serene as some of Goa's exclusive beaches.

This lovely crescent is separated into two sections: Little Vagator Beach, also known as Ozran Beach, and North Vagator Beach, also known as Big Vagator Beach. These two sections are separated by a headland. The number of local tourists who visit this beach has grown substantially throughout the years. The peak season lasts from November to January, and it is also the best time to visit this beautiful beach. Vagator beach is located along the Chapora River basin and is only a short distance from Chapora city. The popular Chapora fort is likewise located on a hill near the coast.

Vagator is well-known for its flea market, which takes place near the beach every Wednesday. It's a tremendous hit with the audience. The shops in this market sell everything from antiques to jewelry to apparel. The prices of the products can be negotiated here. The Sunburn Festival, an electronic dance music festival, is also held on the beach. It is one of the world's most celebrated music events. Other clubs on the beach that play trance and psychedelic music include Primrose, Hilltop, and Nine Bar. Disco Valley is a stretch of the beach that features a number of open-air clubs. This is an excellent place to party and dance to trance music.


• Goa Airport is about 20 minutes from the coast. Taxis are available for hire from Vagator Beach to Goa Airport.

• Vagator Beach is located in North Goa, 19 kilometers from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand, 46 kilometers from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station, and 13 kilometers from Mapusa.

• Popular day trips from Mandrem include Ozran Beach (1.4 km), Chapora Fort (2 km), and Anjuna Beach (5.3 km).

Miramar Beach

Miramar beach, with its golden sand, is around three kilometers from Panaji. This urban beach is a popular gathering place in the neighborhood. There are several heritage buildings along the shore that can be identified by the roundabouts and long road. This seashore is two kilometers long and palm tree-lined. The beach, near the Mandovi River's estuary, offers a beautiful view of the Aguada Fort across the river.

There are shops and food vendors near the beach. Swimming is not recommended because of the strong undercurrent, although it is perfect for long treks. Don't ignore Miramar, which is known for its spectacular sunsets.


• Miramar Beach is around three kilometers from Panaji. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are abundant from Panaji to Miramar.

• The closest stop to Miramar Beach is Silver Sands Factory Stores.

• There are 11 miles between Miramar Beach and Destin Airport (DSI).

• Popular attractions near Agonda include Odxel Beach (4.4 km), Dona Paula Beach (3.4 km), Vainguinim Beach (4.2 km), and St Inez Cross (4.2 km).

Agonda Beach

Agonda, 71 kilometers south of Panaji, has been designated as India's best beach. Agonda Beach is a beautiful beach that sees few visitors. Since the waves are calmer, people come here to swim, unwind, and sunbathe. The main attraction is the Agonda Church, which is positioned in the midst of the coastline. You may experience network problems while visiting Agonda Beach. This natural beach has a three-kilometer-long shoreline and serves as a nesting location for the endangered Olive Ridley turtles. Swimming is not recommended owing to the rough shells on the beach.


• Agonda is 40 kilometers from Goa Airport (GOI).

• Agonda Beach is located in southern Goa, 69 kilometers from Panaji Kadamba Bus Stand.

• Agonda Beach is 36 kilometers from Margao Railway Station and 9 kilometers from Canacona Railway Station in south Goa.

• Popular day trips from Agonda include Cola Beach (3.4 km), Cabo De Rama Fort (14.4 km), and Palolem Beach (8.7 km).

Calangute Beach

The largest beach in North Goa is Calangute Beach. It is clean, safe, and incredibly inviting to guests of all nationalities. One of Calangute's most enticing features is its vast range of activities. Tourists can learn to surf, kayak, canoe, bodyboard, and parasail at Calangute, but unlike Anjuna, the attitude is more family-friendly, and visitors are less pleasure-seeking.


• It takes around an hour to drive from the airport to Calangute Beach.

• Calangute Beach in North Goa's largest beach, located 14 kilometers from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand, 10 kilometers from Mapusa, and 41 kilometers from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station.

• Some popular places to visit from Calangute include,

Candolim Beach (5 kilometers), Sinquerim Beach (7 kilometers), Our Lady of Piety Church (0.8 kilometers), St. Alex Church (2.1 kilometers), Baga Beach (1.6 kilometers), and Mae De Deus Church, Saligao (4.5 km)

Anjuna Beach

The Shiva Valley party is one of Anjuna's most well-known outdoor events. A bohemian atmosphere is created by the large number of local and foreign tourists who lounge on the beach. The flea market is another famous attraction in Anjuna, where you may bargain for and buy items such as clothing, footwear, technological equipment, cheese, and jewelry. A flea market is conducted every Wednesday. Other activities include dolphin boat cruises, paragliding, water sports, and hiking. There are several Reiki, Tai Chi, meditation, and yoga centers near the beach. This region also has a lot of tattoo parlors.

Anjuna has become one of Goa's most popular tourist destinations due to its unique rock formations, delicious food, swinging palms, party atmosphere, and gentle beach. The beach is a must-see destination for its trance parties, food, and fun activities.


• Anjuna Beach, located around 45 minutes from the airport, is one of Goa's most accessible beaches.

• The nearest train station is in Karmali, which is 11 kilometers from Panaji and 29 kilometers from Anjuna.

• Anjuna Beach is located in the Taluka of Bardez in North Goa, around 19 kilometers from Panjim Kadamba Bus Station and 11 kilometers from Mapusa.

• Some popular places to visit from Anjuna include,

Chapora Fort (5.5 kilometers), Baga Beach (7 kilometers), and Ozran or Little Vagator Beach (8 kilometers) (4.5 km).

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is a wonderful vacation destination for those who want to avoid the North Goa party crowds and enjoy peaceful summer afternoons. This lovely beach in Canacona, South Goa, attracts travellers from all over the world, especially during the winter season (November and March). Palolem has been awarded a spot on one of India's most beautiful beaches, which is certainly tempting. Palolem Beach, which is widely regarded as an ideal spot for yoga in India, has preserved the cool, quiet aura of a yogi in comparison to the rest of Goa. This beach is surrounded by top spas and is well-known for holding one of India's most prestigious yoga retreats.

The beach is lined with wooden huts and amazing restaurants where you can dine with your feet in the cool ocean. This is a fantastic tourist attraction with a diverse selection of souvenir shops, retail companies, and motels. It is immaculately clean and significantly superior to comparable Indian beaches. Palolem Beach is simply a safe refuge where you may get away from your worries and stresses. Allow yourself to relax and liberate your mind, spirit, and body.


• Goa Airport (GOI) and Palolem are 46 kilometers apart.

• Palolem Beach is located in south Goa, 70 kilometers from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand.

• Palolem Beach is 65 kilometers from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station and 36 kilometers from Margao Railway Station in south Goa.

• Some popular places to visit from Palolem include,

Beach of Colombo (1.7 km). Rajbagh Beach (3.5 kilometers), Patnem Beach (2.5 kilometers), Butterfly Beach (6 kilometers), Cola Beach (12 kilometers), Talpona Beach (10 kilometers), and Galgibaga Beach (10 kilometers) (17.6 km).

Ashvem Beach

Unlike Mandrem, Ashvem has a vibrant nightlife, and this beach is particularly popular during the party season. Many notable clubs have lately opened their doors here. Ashvem beach, about 35 kilometres north of Panaji, was formerly a lovely and quiet spot. The beach is known for its distinctive rock formations, which add to the attractiveness of the area. These one-of-a-kind rocks were formed by shellfish. Due to commercialization and noise pollution, the turtles no longer visit Ashvem during their nesting season.

To the south of Ashvem, the white sand beach, coconut grove, and gently flowing Chapora River make it a must-see site. Palm Groves is a neighbourhood in Ashvem Beach. The woodland is close to the shore. A walk through the forest reveals magnificent villages and temples.

In the evening, Ashvem Beach has a noise restriction, so the only thing you'll hear is the sound of the waves. The beach has multiple beach cottages but no new brick structures because environmental rules prohibit the construction of brick structures.


• Goa Airport is 20 kilometers away from Ashvem Beach (GOI). The distance is approximately 32.3 miles.

• Ashwem Beach is 30 kilometers from the Panaji Kadamba Bus Stand, 18 kilometers from Mapusa, and 5 kilometers from Morjim.

• The nearest railway station to Ashwem Beach is Thivim, which is 18 kilometers distant. Simply take a taxi from Goa Airport or Thivim to Ashwem Beach.

• Some popular places to visit from Mandrem include,

Ravalnath Temple (4.4 kilometers), Morjim Beach (6.2 kilometers), Arambol Beach (6 kilometers), Mandrem Beach (as part of Ashwem Beach), and Shree Bhagwati Temple are all nearby (12 km).

Baga Beach

Baga, like Anjuna, is now one of Goa's most popular beaches. Baga is located about 17 kilometers north of Panaji. This long stretch of beach to the north is started by a little river. Baga is more peaceful than Calangute, another popular beach. Baga is a great place to go clubbing and shopping. This heavily advertised beach has shops selling everything from antique jewelry, apparel, and bags to footwear, swimwear, toys, and wall hangings. Baga is well-liked by domestic visitors.

Baga offers water sports such as banana rides, surfing Dolphone boat trips, and parasailing. Tattoo parlors abound, as are meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilate centers. Baga holds the annual National Wind Surfing Championship every year between September and November. Go here if you want to learn how to scuba dive.


• Baga Beach is 21 kilometers from Goa Airport (GOI).

• Baga Beach in North Goa is 15 kilometers away from Panjim Kadamba Bus Station.

• Baga Beach's nearest train station is Thivim.

• Some popular places to visit from Baga include,

Anjuna Beach (1.6 miles) and Calangute Beach (1.6 km) (7 km)

Morjim Beach

Morjim, about 30 kilometers north of Panaji, is known as a nesting place for Olive Ridley sea turtles. The beach is south of Ashvem Beach and offers a spectacular view of Chapora Fort across the Chapora River. Morjim beach is one of the calmest beaches in North Goa. Because Morjim is a breeding habitat for the endangered Olive Ridley turtle, volunteers keep an eye on the nests and turtles during the nesting season, which lasts from September to October. The beach is closed to the public at this time. People gather at this beach when the eggs hatch and the hatchlings return to the water.

Morjim is well-known among Russians as "Little Russia." Many billboards and eateries have menu cards in Russian. Morjim is a popular destination for Russian immigration. Morjim Beach's attractions include dolphin boat rides, tattoo parlors, and water sports.


• Morjim and Goa Airport (GOI) are 52 kilometers apart.

• Morjim Beach is located in south Goa, 16 kilometers from Mapusa Bus Stand.

• Morjim Beach is 15 kilometers away from the nearest train station, Thivim.

• The distance between Morjim Beach and Panji is roughly 27 kilometers. You have the option of taking any means of transportation.