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Best Time to Visit Goa

Best Time to Visit Goa

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Can there be any good, better, best time to visit Goa? We don’t think so because the moment you set your foot in Goa your best time starts. You just can’t wait to reach the beaches, as if the beaches are calling you to be a part of this one big party, to be a part of the ever-so-young crowd.

The beautiful roads will invite you to rent a bike and just zoom off on your own to explore the natural beauty of this wonderful land that welcomes everyone with open arms.

If you are a solo Traveller then this is the place for you, a place where no one disturbs you, a place that will give you time for soul searching. Couples can spend hours at the beach wandering hand in hand and just talking the night away. Rejuvenate the good old-school romance, and go back in time with your loved one.

Be a “little Hippy and a little Tipsy” and do what you always wished to do. The days and nights just don’t seem different here. You can be in the middle of the hustle and yet be calm or be a part of the crowd

An array of choices from solo travelers to tourists traveling with family. So what are you waiting for pack your bags surprise your loved one and jet off to goa, the all-seasons destination is waiting for you?

The Route to Goa

In this section, we'll detail the most convenient ways to get to Goa by plane, train, and car.

By Air

Goa's Diabolism Airport, also known as Goa International Airport, connects the state to major cities in India and beyond. It's about a half-hour drive from Goa's main airport and about 30 kilometers from the state capital of Panaji. Taxis and other private vehicles are available for hire at the airport for arriving visitors.

By Rail

Goa is linked to the rest of India via its two train stations, Vasco Da Gama and Madgaon Railway Station.

By Car

With National Highways 66, 366, 566, and 78, Goa is easily accessible by car from anywhere in India. Goa is connected to Bangalore and Mumbai via National Highway 4, and to Mangalore via National Highway 17.

Distance from Major Cities

• Karnataka to Goa - 232 KM
• Maharashtra to Goa - 688 KM
• Rajasthan to Goa - 1683 KM
• Tamil Nadu to Goa - 883 KM
• Kerala to Goa - 660 KM
• Mangalore to Goa - 365 KM
• Bangalore to Goa - 585 KM

Where to Visit In Goa & When

The Goa Seasons

Like the rest of India, Goa has three distinct seasons. They are,

• The summer,
• Monsoon or the rainy season,
• The winter.

Weather Overview

In Goa, the summers are hot and muggy, the monsoons are wet, and the winters are pleasantly cool. You won't need woolens because Goa never gets too chilly, not even at night in the winter. A pleasant sea breeze blows in. You can spend a lot of time on the beach because the sun never gets too hot. But because the Arabian Sea is on one side and the Western Ghats Mountains are on the other, there is a lot of rain in the villages, cities, and beaches during the monsoon season. On a few days when it rains a lot, there are thunderstorms.

Water sports are too dangerous during the monsoon because the water is rough and the waves are higher. Actually, during the monsoon, you won't find many providers of water sports. They return in October when the weather is nicer and there is less rain. The sea is too rough during the monsoon to go to destinations like Grande Island and others. Additionally, several of the national parks are closed. The Dudhsagar Falls, however, will be at their best due to the extra water.

Even though there isn't much rain in the summer, the heat could make it difficult for you to spend a lot of time at the beach. After 11 a.m., it's better to get some shade. But it will be pleasant in the mornings and late at night. However, the humidity will be higher than in the winter.

• November through February is Goa's peak season.
• March to October is shoulder season.
• April to September is the low season.

Best Things to Do

The majority of the shacks are shut down during the summer and monsoon seasons, and water sports are also prohibited since they are too dangerous. However, between November and February, you may go sailing, parasailing, kayaking, wakeboarding, white water rafting, taking cruises, and even taking advantage of snorkelling and scuba diving.

This is also when the majority of Goa's events and festivals take place. It will also be simpler to visit some of the tourist landmarks, such as the Basilica de Bom Jesus, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, Se Cathedral, Church of St. Cajetan, and the St. Francis of Assisi Church, because the weather is milder and there is minimal possibility of rain.

Goa in Winters (November To March)

It is the best time to visit Goa. The monsoon is just about over it is the time when mother earth in her full glory is wearing her green robes which sway along with the cool winds.

The weather is pleasant and with a whole lot of activities happening, you will keep wanting more, with the Christmas season and the new year-round the corner, the churches, and the roads lit up beautifully, go around the churches and hear the music of soft Christmas carols being sung.
Goa in winter is all about cuddling along the beach and just listening to the rhythmic sounds of the waves or watching the night pass by and the sun showing up from the sea below.

Things to know before you go: If you're searching for peace and quiet, we suggest going to South Goa, and if you want to experience Goa's infamous nightlife, head to the north. Remember that Goa is closed from midday until four o'clock in the afternoon. Plan your vacation properly as a result

Significant Events

The Goa carnival is held in the month of February, it is that time of the year where you leave behind your tensions and be a part of the dance, song, food, and festivities.

Come to the mother of all parties. Musical parades held in the capital are eye-catchers that you just can’t miss.

Winter Activities/Attractions

• Top tourist season in Goa
• Can be crowded
• The flea markets are all open
• All beach shacks are open, even the temporary shacks
• Nightlife, parties
• Long queues at restaurants, bars
• Water sports
• Visit the forts
• Old Goa, Latin Quarter
• Many other events


• However since this is a peak season and tourists from all over the world visit Goa, do book your tickets and hotels well in advance, especially the ones traveling with children.
• Make sure you pack enough swimwear and enough change of clothes for the many sea baths, and a few woolens.
Goa in Summer (March To May)

Between the months of March and June, Goa enjoys balmy summer weather. On average, the weather is warm, hovering around the mid-30s, but the mercury can rise much higher on rare occasions. About 12 or 13 hours of daylight can be expected every day. However, on rare days, rain begins falling in the late afternoon and continues through the night.

The weather in the summer can get a little hot, however, this is more of an invitation to just grab a cold drink and roam on the beach, but mind you keep your sunscreen and sunblock handy.

Just lie on the beach to get that perfect “Tan”. Watch the sun go down and the party lights come up also try various water sports while enjoying the sun.
Because of the low tourist volume in the summer, most services in Goa, including lodging, transportation (airfare, car rentals, bicycles), and activities on the water, are more affordable. But keep in mind that there will be days when the water is rough. Due to the low number of visitors, several of the beach concessions will be closed.

If you're trying to save money and avoid crowds, a summer trip to Goa is a great option.
Things to remember before you go: since it's the off-season, prices tend to be lower than they would be at peak times. Consider the forecast before making any major plans. Always shield yourself from the sun by donning a hat and a pair of sunglasses. If you can, go outside after 4 o'clock.

Significant Events

This time of the year is a little quieter from the tourist point of view, however, there is plenty in store for all. If you are planning to visit Goa during the summer season then do experience the Shigmo Festival, it is a festival of colors, in other words, the Goan version of “Holi”. The Shigmo Parade is held in Panjim to mark this festival the parade is very unique and is a major attraction.

Another Significant Event is the “Sao Joan Festival” so what is so different about this festival? Well, this festival is celebrated to pray to the gods for a good monsoon and a good crop. What sets it apart is the way in which they pray that is by leaping into the wells. The locals go around the wells singing traditional songs.

Summer Activities/Attractions

• Fewer tourists, no crowds
• Low prices
• The temporary beach shacks are closed
• Scuba diving at Grande Island and Malvan
• Mandovi River cruise
• Day trip to Old Goa
• National parks, wildlife sanctuaries
• Spice plantations
• Water sports, swimming
• Dolphin watching


• As this is a relative off-season do check out for the best bargains that the hotels offer.
• As the weather gets hotter by the day plan or activities after 4 pm, this will keep you away from feeling tired.
• Make sure you keep yourself hydrated enough by sipping on some fresh coconut water and juices. Adventure activities should be planned during the early morning hours. Pack in some cotton clothes to avoid sweatiness.

Goa in Monsoons (June to August)

We've got rain, a stormy sea, and bigger-than-usual waves. Between the months of June and the beginning of September is monsoon season. From the middle of June through early August, it will rain nearly every day. After that, the rain will slow down but the threat of rain will remain. It'll look like a cloudy day outside. Thunderstorms are possible on some days. Intermittent periods of sunshine are expected. Trees, flowers, fruits, and paddy fields abound there.

Visit Goa during the monsoon for a romantic getaway. If you don't mind getting wet, a rainy walk on the beach is a must. Since there will be fewer people around, the beaches will be quieter and the streets will be less congested. Lots of lush vegetation. But South Goa will be completely devoid of tourists and service providers. When the sun goes down, the beach huts close for the season. There will be no swimming or other water activities. The same goes for a lot of motels and other low-cost lodging options.

Goa is not a place it is a feeling that you get from within. The sweet aroma of the moist soil invites you to explore the natural beauty of Goa. The nights are a welcoming cool as the days may be a little humid.

Things to remember before you go: Among the many things you should know before your trip is to check the weather forecast before making travel and lodging arrangements. Try to stay at a hotel that is easily accessible and in a convenient location. Keep some cash on you in case you end up in a distant location or on a beach and need to make a purchase. Since this isn't really the high season, you might be able to find some good deals on lodging.

Significant Events

This time of the year is preferred by solo travelers or couples who want to avoid the rush season and just enjoy by themselves.

You can just sit by the window and Sip on some hot tea or a nice bowl of piping hot soup. You can also visit the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, as the name suggests the waterfall seems like a sea of milk descending from the hills and meeting the river Mandovi. You can trek your way through the jungle to get the best view of the waterfall.

Patolleanchem is celebrated on 15th August on this day the Goans prepare a sweet call as Patollea which is made of Coconut, rice, and jaggery. On this day local handicrafts are on display all day long.

Monsoon Activities/Attractions
• Lush greenery everywhere
• Cheap deals
• Fewer tourists
• Dudhsagar Falls
• Kayaking, white water rafting
• Casino gaming
• Drive up the Ghats
• Hiking trips
• Visit the museums


• Please check weather updates before you do your travel bookings also book hotels that are easily accessible by road and carry an extra set of clothes and rainy wear.
• Do carry a torch while venturing outside.

Travel to Goa for Its Many Annual Celebrations

The first things that come to mind when you think of Goa are probably its beautiful beaches, glistening seas, and magnificent cathedrals. Goa, however, is not only made up of its natural and cultural attractions. In addition to its already impressive list of attractions, it also plays host to a number of one-of-a-kind celebrations and events. Planning your vacation around the big events that dominate Goa's calendar is essential if you want to experience this side of Goa.

Festivities Associated With Christmas and New Year's

Celebrations of Christmas and New Year's Eve in this region are known for their grandeur. No matter where you go, bars or beach shacks, you'll find people having a good time. The churches also host special celebrations.

When: December – January

Goa Carnival

One of the few carnivals held in Asia, the Goa Carnival is the largest in India. Late February/early March is when it usually takes place. The three-day celebration has colorful float parades, dancing groups, thrilling music, competitions, and delicious food and beverages, making it an once-in-a-lifetime experience for everybody who attends or takes part in it.

When: February – March

Mando Festival

The Mando Festival honors a Goan art form that dates back hundreds of years. For thirty years, this seaside nation has hosted a festival with international significance. Highlights of this festival include melodic music and alluring dance acts, revealing a side of Goa that is sometimes overshadowed by the city's gloss and glamour.

When: December

The Celebration of The Nativity Of St. Francis Xavier

An annual festival honoring St. Francis Xavier, the patron saint of Goa, is held on the third Sunday in December. The saint's funeral takes place on this day. The saint is buried in a silver casket in the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which serves as the main venue for the festival attended by millions of people from all over the world.

When: December


Easter Panaji hosts some of India's most spectacular festivities. Aside from the liturgy, the reenactment of Jesus' crucifixion and the Easter feast are two of the most memorable parts of Easter celebrations in Goa.

When: March – April

International Film Festival

In the month of November, the International Film Festival in Goa attracts the who's who of Indian cinema. At this festival, you can see renowned filmmakers and artists from all around the world. This festival's name gives away its main attraction: showing the most recent Indian films in a variety of languages.
When: November

Grape Escapade

During the month of January, the city of Goa hosts the country's largest wine festival. The event, which takes place in the second half of April, provides a great opportunity to sample some tasty treats while also enjoying live performances of music, dance, and fashion. The opportunity to sample a wide range of Indian wines is, however, the festival's main draw.

When: April

Celebration of Goa's Past: Goa Heritage Festival

A celebration of Goa's heritage and culture lasting five days! See firsthand the Goan crafts people’s talent and ingenuity on display. The festival has a wide variety of traditional folk dance performances in addition to the usual fare of food stalls, art displays, and handicrafts, ceramics, coconut craft, and woodcraft exhibits.

When: April-May

Sao Joao Festival

St. John the Baptist Day (June 24) is the date on which this celebration is held annually. Diverse bodies of water, such as wells, ponds, and rivers, play host to devotees as they celebrate. Goans celebrate the beginning of the monsoon season with music, dancing, and plenty of feni.

When: June

Chikhal Kalo Festival

This festival takes place in the village of Marcel every July. Goan Hindus hold this festival to commemorate Krishna's carefree youth and the sports he played. Participation in this unusual festival, which includes mucking around in a giant mud pit, is open to anyone who wants to join in on the fun.

When: July

Determine the optimal time to visit the location based on your interests and activities. Travel here during any time of year, and you'll bring back an inexhaustible supply of precious memories. I hope you have a wonderful journey.

Top Things to Do In Goa

Bike Rentals

Bikes and Cars are easily available on rent. No worries if you cannot ride a bike there are always pilots to take you around the place.


No travel is complete without trying the local cuisine and what can be more tempting than the variety of seafood available in abundance?
Go search for the hidden cafes far from the hustle-bustle, or take your partner to one of the fines dines known only to the Locals.

Shopping enthusiasts can explore the flea markets of Anjuna, and the Tibetan markets at BAGA or then just stroll along with the innumerable shops along the BAGA and Calangute beach.

Ayurveda Therapy

Panchkarna therapy will help you to purify your mind and body and get rid of all toxins and impurities. It consists of five fundamental advanced therapy modalities for removing Dosha (impurities) from the body. You can choose between various herbal massages, thermal treatments, external applications, and oil treatments. Several hotels and resorts in Goa provide ayurvedic treatments.
Top Adventures

Although it is always hot, with average daily temperatures ranging from 29°C to 34°C throughout the year, Goa does not experience the excessive heat and humidity that many other Indian cities do. In the long, dry winter, it can even get cool at night. While December and January are the busiest months for European tourists, the severe rains from June through September are enough to force certain tourist attractions to close for a few months. So, November and February through May are the greatest months for sightseeing.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

For the ever so adventurous kind, there is a hell lot of activities to experience the deep blue sea while Scuba Diving, and watch the experience of the rainbow of corals.


Parasailing is for the ones who love the thrill of heights and speed at the same time. Favorite among the grown-up and Kids alike

Bungee Jumping

Now no need to go up north to Rishikesh for Bungee jumping you have got it right here in goa.
White water river rafting: Mandavi River is one of the most beautiful rivers of India, it is located on the outskirts of the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary, the Goa Tourism Department has introduced river rafting for the real thrill lovers, and the 10-kilometer ride is an experience to remember.

For all the above activities, short training and safety equipment and life-save jackets are provided as per the requirement of the game. For the less adventurous just go watch the dolphins.

Places of Attraction

Mangeshi and Malta Temple

You can visit the beautiful old churches of goa and the equally beautiful temples of Mangeshi and Malta Temple in its full glory in the evening hours. The well-maintained roads will make sure that you enjoy your rides.

Tattoo Studios

Tattoo studios are a major attraction for youngsters, Get yourself Inked from one of the innumerable Tattoo studios in Goa, giving you the option to opt for either permanent or temporary ones. Unleash those secret desires that you have been hiding within you, maybe a secret tattoo you always wanted to get done.
Other attractions

• Exotic boutiques: Take a round of the boutiques lined up by famous designers.
• Spas and Salon: Get yourself pampered in the innumerable spas which are at your service all night. From a beach shack to a seven-star luxury hotel, there is one for every budget.

Types of Packages

• Adventure Activity Packages: These include various available adventure activities as per your preference.

• Athleisure packages: Very Popular among families
• Honeymoon Packages: The monsoon season is the best time for a honeymoon. Everything will be green. You two will have more privacy because there won't be as many tourists. Take long strolls around the deserted beaches. Observe the rain. Enjoy the renowned seafood of Goa.
• Wedding Packages: For the dreamers go ahead and plan a destination wedding on the beach.


We are aware that Goa is the vacation destination of all young lads and girls, and that they begin to plan their trips while they are still in college. For couples who like beaches to hills, Goa is a lovely honeymoon destination.
I believe we covered everything there is to know about Goa. What are you still holding out for? Come to the ultimate party destination of the world, Come to us and we shall help you plan your itinerary as per your needs and choices from pocket-friendly packages to luxury packages.

Simply make plans and relax on the Goa beaches with your closest friend. Happy getaway!