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Honeymoon in Manali – Best Romantic Things to Do in 2022

Honeymoon in Manali – Best Romantic Things to Do in 2022

  • 2022-09-06T16:26:04.934Z

One of the coolest places in India to go on a honeymoon is Manali. Due to its mystical beauty, breathtaking scenery, and romantic ambiance, it is loved by most couples. It is the ideal location for newlywed couples to spend some alone time together because it is near the banks of the river Beas.

It is a favorite among honeymooners because from December's end to the beginning of January, you may experience snowfall and the breathtaking, clean scenery of the mountains in the background. For those who enjoy adventure and wish to go skiing, this is the perfect moment. But aside from that, coming to Manali in either the summer or the winter will always be fascinating and adventurous in its way.

Best Way To Reach Manali

Direct travel from Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, and other northern cities to Manali is convenient because it is well-connected by roadways to all significant towns in India. You can also travel by train, but to reach Manali, you will first need to travel to the nearby station. Bhuntar, which is 50 km away from Manali and has the closest airport, is the closest airport to Manali. Delhi to Bhuntar flights is operated every day. However, my suggestion is to prefer train overflight if your Budget is tight.

Weather In Manali

The majority of visitors are familiar with the weather in Manali and are not surprised by it. The weather is always good and ideal for going on outings and engaging in entertainment and recreation. As a result, Manali has become one of the best vacation spots for basically everyone, including friends, families, and travelers. You can spend a romantic weekend here in the winter when Manali is completely covered in a white blanket of snow, or you can take in the beauty of this location in the summer when the area is covered in flora.

Here Is The List Of Best Tourist Places To Visit In Manali

Snow Point at Rohtang Pass

Manali's Rohtang Pass is a stunning location that receives more than 25 lakh visitors annually. The mountains at the Rohtang Pass are covered in snow throughout the winter, making access impossible. As a result, the pass remains closed during the winter (beginning in October) and typically reopens in May.

This destination, which is roughly 51 kilometers from Manali, must be visited. The two-hour ride to Rohtang is full of beautiful sights of the Greater Himalayan region's snow-capped mountains. You will enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Greater Himalayan region's snow-capped mountains as you travel to Rohtang. When you get to the snow point, snow will be everywhere.

Solang Valley

Many people travel to Solang Valley every year especially to take in its pristine, snow-white beauty because its unmatched beauty. Solang Valley is tucked between the Beas Kund and Solang Village, 13 kilometers from Manali. Skiing is a well-liked winter sport in the snow-covered Solang valley, where training facilities and instructors are situated to observe skiers and instruct newcomers. Zorbing replaces skiing as the snow melts. During the summer, you might see a large transparent ball with often two people inside rolling down the slope at Solang Valley, making use of the valley's slopes.

For going on vacation spots couples whose idea of romance centers upon excitement and adventure, it's possibly the ideal location in Manali!

Hidimba Temple

This is one of the best tourist spots in Manali. In the year 1553, Maharaja Bahadur Singh constructed the Hidimba Devi temple. The temple is situated around the cave where Devi Hidimba practised meditation. Because of her great deeds, she was worshipped as a goddess here. On the list of attractions to see in Manali is the Hadimba Temple. Conifers and deodar trees that grow at high altitudes enhance the area's charm. In addition, the temple is reputed to be old and features wood architecture, which transports you back in time to the days of the Mahabharata. If you enjoy exploring new places, you can go hiking with your partner or companion. The distance to Manali's center is only 2 kilometers.

Jogini Waterfalls

In Himachal Pradesh, there is a stunning waterfall called Jogini or Jogni Falls close to Vashisht Village which is located 4 kilometers from Vashisht Temple and 7.5 kilometers from Manali Bus Stand. One of the top attractions you need to include in your Manali vacation spot packages is Jogini Waterfalls

This moderate hike is around 2.5 kilometers long. The entire journey is quite enjoyable, with small trees enclosing the path and lush greenery creating a picturesque atmosphere. Always had a local guide who assisted you as you crossed the falls, and the highest point is beautiful.

The Vashisht Temple is 3 hours away from this pleasant, easy trip. The entire trek route is incredibly picturesque, passing through lovely villages lining up with the wide valleys. One of the best short treks in Manali to take in the local natural beauty and rural Himalayan life is this one.

Hot Springs at Vashisht temple

Vashist Temple in Manali is dedicated to the sage Vashisht, the Kula guru of Lord Rama in the village Vashisht across the River Beas, and is about 3.5 kilometers from Manali Bus Stand. It is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Manali. It is thought that the Vashisht temple is more than 4,000 years old. There is a black stone image of the Rishi wearing a dhoti within the temple. 

One of the well-known tourist destinations in this area is the Vashisht Hot Water Spring. The hot springs are thought to provide therapeutic benefits. Many skin conditions are purportedly cured by the springs. Numerous people visit the Vashisht baths to take a plunge and heal themselves of illnesses and skin ailments.

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the must-see places in Manali is the Wildlife Sanctuary. Over 3,180 hectares of land, this wonderful sanctuary is situated roughly two kilometers from the main town. The Himalayan Black Bear, Musk Deer, Flying Fox, Stripped Hyena, Himalayan Tahr, Indian Hare, Barking Deer, Palm Civet, Serows, Himalayan Yellow Throated Martens, and Kashmir Flying Squirrels are among the creatures that can be found in the Manali Wildlife Sanctuary, which was founded in the year 1954. Here you may also view endangered species including leopards, brown bears, and goral.

Visitors can engage in a variety of activities, including bird watching, hiking, camping, and walking through the hills, which are the genuine heart of nature.


Gulaba village, which is en route to Rohtang Pass, is considered a well-liked camping ground for travelers.

Tourists can only visit Gulaba during the peak of winter when there is a lot of snowfall in the surrounding. The routes leading to Rohtang Pass are closed due to excessive snowfall or landslides in cases of extreme weather. On a very, very mild, short-distance slope, skiing is the only adventurous activity that is possible there.

This location is frequently used as a skiing alternative to Rohtang Pass. When choosing between Shimla and Manali for your honeymoon, Gulaba is a key location. A walk through the meadows on a clear day with blue skies is a lovely experience, and at night the area is lighted by starlit skies, making it the ideal site for stargazers.