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The Best Fly Dining Places to Visit in India - Places, Cost, and Duration

The Best Fly Dining Places to Visit in India - Places, Cost, and Duration

  • 2022-09-23T14:57:24.496Z

We've discovered the best dinner/lunch locations for both hungry and daring diners. Have you ever attempted to eat your lunch in the sky? Don't worry, we're not talking about the pre-packaged meals on planes; rather, we're talking about the wonderful culinary selections offered at the hanging eateries. "The sky has no limitations," as the phrase goes, and restaurants in India surely know how to spread, which is how hanging restaurants in India came into play.

We are thrilled that one of the world's most unconventional and exciting eating experiences has finally reached India. Hanging Dining has visited India to help all foodies. To add thrill and exhilaration to your eating experience, fly at least 120 feet above the earth.

Fly Dining has taken the Indian food industry by storm and people are now flocking to new places to try out some of the best Fly Dining restaurants in India. Take your pick from one of these 5 best places for Fly Dining in India, and let the chefs prepare you delectable delights while you take in the views. 

Biswa Bangla Restaurant, Kolkata

The Biswa Bangla Gate is a famous landmark in Kolkata, often known as "the city of pleasure." Many people have fallen in love with this site, which was developed to provide greater enjoyment to the city's citizens and tourists. This oval-shaped gate is located around 55 meters above the ground. And the gate's ring has been turned into an exquisite diner known as one of India's amazing Fly Dining destinations. The Biswa Bangla restaurant is a must-visit place for Indian food and also serves Chinese cuisine. The best thing about the restaurant is that you can enjoy a coffee, lunch or dinner here. So if you're looking for the best places to fly Dining around town then make sure you include this in your itinerary!

The hanging eatery seats 72 people and provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the city. Only supper is allowed in the gallery while the Biswa Bangla gate entry is closed to visitors.

Cost- Rs 760- Rs 1900

Meals- Lunch, Dinner

Location- Biswa Bangla Sarani, Kolkata

Hanging Restaurant/Sky Restaurant in Bangalore

Bangalore is without a doubt India's most technologically sophisticated metropolis. Although the concept of a sky restaurant has existed in other areas of the world for some time, India was the first to implement it after Bangalore, the world's most smart city.

Bangalore became the first city in our nation to develop the idea of a hanging restaurant, which was originally introduced in Bangalore. The name of the restaurant that should be mentioned in this context for the city of Bangalore is Dine in the Sky. Aside from Cloud dining Bangalore, there are various more venues to enjoy wonderful cuisine and beverages.

At skyline restaurant Bangalore, you may create a memorable experience. Because you may obtain a spectacular view of Manyata Park and Nagawara Lake from here. This restaurant serves meals from morning to sunset. Bring your relatives or friends here right now. If you're looking for an authentic Indian dining experience then come here for the best places to fly Dining!

Cost- Rs 10,000- Rs 15,000

Meals- Lunch, Dinner, Tea, Coffee

Location- Bangalore 

Fly dining Restaurant in Noida

Fly Dining is the way to go if you want to try something new and interesting. Fly Dining is a straightforward idea in which you are given meals from a height of 160 feet above the earth. Your table can seat up to 24 people, and as you rise higher into the sky, you'll be able to see the GIP Mall, Worlds of Wonder, and the other buildings that surround the Gardens Galleria Mall (Noida).

The adrenaline thrill of being so far above the city with your legs hanging in the air is more significant than the food in this uncommon eating experience. The tower is cleaned and the gear is checked between each 40-minute shift. After they've been seated, all treasured guests' safety belts are checked three times. The place is known for its awesome ambiance, great food, and huge menu. Serving steaks, pasta, seafood, and a host of Indian dishes, the restaurant has been rated by many as one of the best places to fly Dining.

Workers are also given walkie-talkies and safety belts. If the wind speed surpasses 22 km/h, the enticing step-up will not fly, safeguarding you and your loved ones' safety.

Cost- Rs 2499- Rs 2999

Meals- Dinner

Location- Galleria Mall, Noida 

Dinner in the sky Mumbai

Mumbai is known for its delicious street food, but it's also home to the ultimate experience in dining. There's a new place on the scene that will have you feeling like you're dining from another world: Dinner in the Sky Mumbai. Located at Worli Seaface, this high-flying restaurant offers an unbeatable view of this bustling city below and a diverse menu of international cuisines prepared by talented chefs. If you're looking for an innovative way to experience Mumbai, look no further than Dinner in the Sky!

Dinner in the Sky is one of the best places to fly dining if you are visiting Mumbai. With their chic and spacious set-up, they offer some of the best dishes from all over the world including Indian cuisine.

Cost- Rs 2999- Rs 4500

Meals- Dinner, Lunch

Location- Mumbai City 

Fly dining in Goa

Without a doubt, Goa is the Indian destination with the best reputation for adventure. Goa fly dining is one of the few Sky restaurants in India, thus you will never forget this experience. It is the best way to soak in the amazing beauty and most spectacular views of Goa's renowned coastline.

This Goa Sky dining restaurant has an occupancy restriction of 18 to 20 guests for 30 to 60 minutes. During this time, guests can enjoy a variety of scrumptious snacks and beverages while also seeing the beauty of the shore. If you're looking for an amazing Indian dining experience then come here for the best places to Fly Dining!

Cost – Rs 2000 – Rs 8000

Meals- Lunch and Dinner

Location- Anjuna Mapusa Road, Goa 

Sky dining in Gujarat

Many visitors who have visited Gujarat believe that it is unlike any other area in India. A rooftop dining restaurant has been developed in Rajkot to provide extra outliers from this state. It is an ideal setting for sharing a special dinner with loved ones and making it even more memorable. If you like, you may hold a meeting, dinner party, or game night around 50 meters above the earth. Nonetheless, its capacity must be between 16 and 22 persons. If you're looking for a Gujarati Indian dining experience then come here for the best places to fly dining!

Cost- Rs 5000-Rs 15000

Meals- Dinner

Location- Rajkot (Gujarat) 

Sky Dining, Goa

Sky Dining is one of the best places to fly Dining in Goa. The food tastes amazing and they have a wide variety of dishes that are all at a very reasonable price. Plus, the servings are much larger than in other restaurants! We recommend visiting Sky dining for lunch or dinner if you're looking for the best places to Fly Dinner around Goa. Sky Dining is one of the few venues in the world where cuisine and adventure are combined in such an interesting way. Sky Dining, a novel Valentine's Day idea that whisks customers to the top of the Anjuna cliff for a dinner suspended in the air, launched on Goa's gorgeous coasts. Sky Dining is one of India's most popular and well-known hanging restaurants. A crane at the NYEX Beach Club can accommodate 22 guests for a 30-60 minute brunch, lunch, sundowner, or supper.

Cost- Rs 3500-Rs 8000

Meals- breakfast, lunch, sundowner, or dinner.

Location- Goa 

Is it safe to eat in the sky?

Is it safe to eat in the sky? It is reasonable to conclude that sky restaurants in India are completely secure. It can, however, be very unpleasant for individuals who are terrified of heights. As a result, we advise people to stay away from such venues.

Overall, this style of dining is never unsafe since the platform is built of high-quality metal that is suitable for ordinary people. Additionally, folks are transported here wearing airplane belts for added precaution. In this regard, it is important to note that some individuals choose to avoid sky restaurants in India. They are as follows:

·      Children are those who are less than four feet tall.

·      People weighing more than 150 kg should avoid visiting this location.

·      You must be at least 12 years old to apply.

·      Pregnant ladies, persons who are afraid of heights and anyone who has a heart condition should avoid such sites.

Even if the authorities have emergency plans in place, you must secure your safety. As a result, if you have any of the following issues or lack confidence, you should avoid this excursion. 


If you want to enjoy your supper in a magnificent setting, you should visit at least one of these amazing fly dining destinations. Each of the restaurants mentioned in this discussion is among the greatest in India. To create a new type of adventure or experience, these destinations must be visited at least once in a lifetime. So, start thinking about sky restaurants and plan a trip soon.