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Top 20 places to visit in Goa.

Top 20 places to visit in Goa.

  • 2022-09-05T17:02:43.527Z

The emerald city of India is also known as Goa. The place is famous for its beaches, bars, clubs, nightlife, and sea diving, India’s holiday spot, which attracts tourists from all over the country, including foreigners. Due to this, it has been one of the best holiday destinations in India.

The place has its unique essence with its finely preserved natural beauty. This beautiful place is famous among teenagers and adults as a perfect spot for parties, holiday trips, bachelorettes, and private functions. This place is famous for its beautiful tourist spot, water sports, thrilling sports, and flavorful cuisines. The site is the best spot to enjoy live shows and DJs worldwide in the beauty of beaches. So here we have the top 20 places sorted out for you, which are the best places to visit.

Let’s first look at some beaches that can be the first spot to cover all your planned travel destinations in Goa.

1.    Colva Beach-

This beach is one of the most famous beaches among the beaches located in south goa, one of the best holiday destinations. It’s a 2.5 km long beach covered with white powdered sand with swaying coconut trees adding more beauty. The beach shacks, nightclubs, and souvenir stores are present to serve the visitor of Colva beach. It’s one of the most crowded beaches in Goa. This makes it a perfect spot for extrovert people to make friends and interact with people of different origins. This beach is also known for its watersport, which includes paragliding, speed boat ride, banana boat ride, and swimming a perfect place to admire the unique sunset of Goa with the turquoise waves crashing at your feet. Its popularity has made it one of the best vacation spots in Goa.

2.    Benaulim Beach-

This beauty has its charm with its serene beauty and calmness. A beach is perfect for introverts having a deep talk while walking across the shore on its pristine and clean sand. This is situated in South Goa, about 2km from Colva towards the south. A place for the admirers of the silence. The calmness of the sea here makes it a safe place for swimming.

A perfect place for a family vacation spot as it’s less crowded. It has a sufficient amount of shacks, lifeguards, and boats for fishing around for tourists. 

3.    Palolem Beach-

This beautiful crescent-shaped beach is located in Canacona, southern Goa. A beach on a green Island where you see both ends of the beach from the center due to its shape. This place has become a place for relaxation among its tourists. It’s at a distance of 10 minutes from the Canacona railway station. This place has enough shacks, hotels, and water activity around it within reachable distance. It has one of the most beautiful nightlife of beaches. Here you can visit “Silent noise club,” the first headphone silent club in India. You can even reach butterfly beach and monkey point, which are great tourist spots within walking distance. This beach was even featured in the English movie “The Bourne Supremacy.”

4.    Calangute Beach-

This beach is primarily the most popular in Goa. It gets heavily crowded most of the time. It has enough beach shacks and restaurants, which the beach public cherishes. This place is mainly for its water Sports available on the beach, like para-sailing, water surfing, banana ride, jet- skies, and scuba diving. On this beach, the required trainers and coaches are available for various water sports with proper precautions and safety majors. Hence Calangute Beach, the best place to travel, is in Goa. 

5.    Anjuna Beach and Market-

Anjuna beach is another eye-catching work of mother nature. The beautiful white sand with black stones of various forms and shapes present around the beach is a sight to behold. The water sports, shacks, and market are within the reasonable range, which makes it a perfect place for people who love some thrilling fun and lots of shopping.

And the Anjuna Market is a living paradise of souvenirs, handicrafts, and hippie clothes which attracts many tourists making itself a great tourist spot. This flea operates till the night's wee hours, giving the shopping lovers the time to check every shop from Tibetian and Nepali goods to hair color and body piercing.                                    

6.    Mangeshi Temple-

This is one of Goa’s most famous heritage pilgrimages. It’s also one of Goa's most prosperous, largest, and most famous Hindu temples. This temple has its tale to state, which makes it unique. The story states that this temple is situated at the exact spot where Shiva and Parvati reunited after being separated due to a dice game. In this place, Parvati met Shiva, who was roaming in Goa in the form of a tiger searching for Goddess Parvati. When he appears in front of Goddess Parvati, she gets frightened seeing the tiger in front of her. And exclaimed, “Trahi Mam Grisha,” which means Save me, my lord. Listening to this God, Shiva transforms back to his human form, reuniting with his wife. And the term Mam Grisha further termed the name of this temple. This temple has been designed with beautiful Goan Hindu style architecture with pillars and an octagonal seven-story lamp tower. This temple is worth visiting during the Magha Purnima festival in February and Rath yatra. One of the perfect vacation destinations to explore by a pilgrimage lover. 

7.    Basilica of Bom Jesus-

It’s a Roman Catholic Basilica located in the Konkan region of Goa. As its both a pilgrimage center and an iconic monument among all churches of Goa. And is registered as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It’s famous for various reasons as it is India’s first minor basilica and is a standing-proof example of baroque and Portuguese architecture in India. It even holds a position in one of the seven wonders of Portuguese origin in the World. This church even holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. The remains of priests attract tourists from around the world, especially during the public viewing of the saint’s body every ten years (Next, it will be done in 2024). 

8.    Se Cathedral-

This church is situated in old Goa and is registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site. This church even comes under the list of one of the largest churches in the world. This church was built during the 16th century after the Portuguese won over Muslim rulers in this city. They have a giant bell, also known as the golden bell, which is famous worldwide for its size and rich sound. This magnificent white church stands opposite Basilica Bom Jesus. Visiting this place will give you the exotic aura and feeling of enjoying old Goa with its mesmerizing Portuguese architecture from both the exterior and interior of the church. 

9.    Cotigao wildlife sanctuary-

This sanctuary is situated on the border of Goa and Karnataka in Canacona taluka in south Goa. It was created to protect some rare species of plants, trees, and animals. This place has all the required facilities and is one of the best holiday destinations in Goa. This place is surrounded by moist, deciduous, semi-evergreen, and evergreen forests. The unique attraction of this place is the treetop watchtower which is over 25m above the watering hole. Here animals come to drink water, making it a perfect place to spot and observe them in their natural habitat. You can even see a few native tribes living in this sanctuary; you can even meet and interact with them. They are learning and exploring their culture and daily life. 

10. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary-

It’s a mangrove estate also known as the bird sanctuary. It’s located on Chorao Island by the Mandovi River. This place is the smallest and most fragile protected reserve. This place is even seen as heaven for birds, as it’s named after the famous Indian ornithologist Dr. Salim Moizzudin Ali. Here you can find the rarest of bird and animal species, a perfect place for birds lover and mangrove lovers, and a perfect tourist spot.

11. Mandovi- Zuari Wildlife-

This place has a vast stretch of mangroves with 20 different species, including a rare one, “Kandelia.” This swamp area has been home to many fishes, crocodiles, birds, and insects. Visitors can take boat rides in the Mandovi River, enjoying the mangroves and birds in the early morning. Even in winter, you can see and admire the migratory birds from around the globe. 

12. Dudhsagar falls-

It’s a four-tiered fall situated at Mandovi River, also known as the sea of Milk. It also comes under India’s tallest waterfalls, with a 310m height. This fall got its name from the color and appearance of its falling water, which seems like flowing milk. The mesmerizing view of milky white falling from a great height to the bottom, forming a green fog, and then joining the might Arabian sea is a scene worth seeing in this lifetime, proving itself the best vacation spot. This majestic fall is surrounded by dense deciduous forest and is located in the Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary. 

13. Silent Noise Club-

It’s India's first silent club with headphones where peoples wear wireless headphones and get immersed in the world of music as per their taste. This place is full of outstanding dancers, and LED laser light shows it makes a perfect atmosphere of losing yourself away from stress and swaying your body to the beats of the song you are listening to. The DJ artists here are from around the world, creating the perfect mix that is worth the audience's appreciation. Here parties are held every Saturday with a new theme and creativeness worth experiencing a perfect tourist spot. 

14. Tito’s Club-

This is one of the most famous clubs in Goa; here, you can enjoy the best of Goa cuisines with other exotic foods and drinks. The center has a vast dance floor with the most skilled dance performers and artists. Their DJ artists make the perfect mood and atmosphere with their fantastic music sets. Here you can even hold private parties and events on the first floor. Additionally, you can enjoy the Baga beach as it’s situated near it giving you the best experience of Goa nightlife.

15. Mambos café-

It’s one of the most famous nightclubs in Goa. It is known for hosting international DJs and artists around the world. It is popular among tourists for creating the best nightlife in Goa. It’s situated along Tito’s lane giving their customer the best view and feel of Baga beach. With the best foods, drinks, and DJ, a perfect mood to celebrate and get lost in music away from life tensions.                                             

16. Casino Cruise-

A perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures in India. You can enjoy the best nightlife by enjoying the majestic Arabian sea with various casino games. A place to enjoy the group sea tour with music booming around and with the best facilities of the gaming room, clubs, and restaurants. 

17. Tanshikar Working Spice Farm-

This farm is situated in the rainforest of the Western Ghats at Netravali Village. The specialty of this place is that here purely organic farming is practiced. They grow a variety of authentic spices within 25 acres from 40 acres of land. This is a perfect spot for an adventure and nature lover to explore spice farms, natural trekking, bird spotting, and waterfalls. The best place to travel is this organic farm in Goa. This place is owned by a family, giving you a customized tour around the farm and other attractions. They have a beautiful old house and a resort where tourists can rest and have freshly harvested fruit and flavourful foods made from authentic organic spices. 

18.  Aguada Fort-

It’s a well-preserved Portuguese fort from the 17th century at the Sinquerium beach with a lighthouse standing along with it. It’s even an ASI- protected monument of Goa. It’s famous among visitors as it has been the most prized fort of the Portuguese. The perfect place to feel and learn about Portuguese history from Goa. The part of this fort has been converted into the jail of Aguada, which is closed for public visitors, but you can see a statue that depicts the struggle of Goa to get freedom on the gate.

19.  Chapora Fort-

This fort is famous among tourists for giving different views. Like you can see the Chapora river to Prernem from the north, Vagora from the South, and the Arabian sea in the west. It became a prime location in Goa after this place was featured in one of the Bollywood movies “Dil Chahta Hae.” This fort is located in Bardez by the Chapora river. It has a perfect place to take pictures and relax. This place has a great history story which sings their story. Here you can witness the best sunset scenes.

20.  Grand Island-

This place is nirvana for all water sports lovers. This place is known for its diving, snorkeling, and fishing. This place is most famous for scuba diving around Goa. The best way to explore the underwater flora and fauna.

You can easily find guides and certified divers here to assist you with the required safety gear and instructions to follow, whether you know scuba diving or swimming. People around the world come here who loves scuba diving and deep diving. The rich underwater and mesmerizing view attracts visitors around here to interact with the sea animals and have a close look at the world that is hidden underwater.

So, after this, you can have an easy idea and choices to select and visit these popular tourist spots in Goa. Goa, a perfect holiday destination, is waiting to serve you with its exceptional nightlife and beach life.