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Top 25 Awesome Places To Visit In Shimla

Top 25 Awesome Places To Visit In Shimla

  • 2022-08-18T14:59:31.821Z

One of the most well-liked tourist spots in the country is Shimla, the stunning capital of Himachal Pradesh. This wonderful place is constantly packed with tourists, especially in the summer. Shimla has a variety of tourist attractions that can be explored while on holiday. Due to its Victorian architecture, which can be seen in a specific area of the Ridge and the Mall, it is quite a sought-after tourist site. Shimla is renowned for being among the top tourist destinations for newlyweds. Shimla is a well-known summer resort due to its cool and pleasant temperature. It is tucked away at a height of about 2,000 meters above sea level. Shimla is located in a beautiful highland area with abundant flora all around. Even though this location is mainly visited in the summer, some tourists choose to travel to Shimla in the autumn since there are fewer tourists and fascinating views then.

The Ridge of Shimla 

Ridge of Shimla is recognized for hosting numerous official events and festivals. The Ridge of Shimla is a key place for all the numerous festivals and celebrations. The vibrant Summer Festival is one of the biggest events conducted here.


For its breath-taking surroundings and captivating vistas, Kufri is a well-known vacation spot. Among those who love to travel, Kufri is also known as the Switzerland of the East. You can't help but smile when you see the lovely Kufri Hill. Kufri offers a variety of adventurous activities in Shimla, such as skiing and trekking. These are activities you will thoroughly appreciate when visiting Shimla. The snow-covered hills of Kufri, where skiers practice skiing, are the town's main draw.

Green Valley

Another well-known site in Shimla and a well-known location for photographs is The Green Valley. Additionally, Green Valley highlights the unending splendor of Mother Nature. Beautiful descriptions of it can be found in many travel literature and articles.

Hike to Jakhoo Hill

Jakhoo Hill is Shimla's highest peak. There are a lot of gorgeous Alpine trees there. The hilltop is level, and on its summit are the recently erected Hanuman statue and the colorful Jakhoo Temple. It is reputed to be one of Shimla's most tranquil getaways. Visitors to the area need to take extra precautions because the local monkeys have a sneaky tendency to steal food and other items from different tourists.


Have you ever considered how exciting it might be to set up camp in a town covered in snow? Chail is where you need to be if you want to have the same experience. Shimla's hilly slope was created as a means of providing relief from the oppressive summer heat. It eventually become one of Shimla's most well-liked tourist attractions. In actuality, the location is a resort that gives visitors easy access to the stunning deodar forests that are dispersed throughout the hilly region. For visitors to explore and enjoy, the area also has fir and pine forests in addition to the deodar.

Kiala Forest

The Kerala Forest is one of Shimla's ideal tourist destinations. It is tucked away in the Kotkhaai Valley and is adorned with lush green flora and a wide variety of local animal species. It is regarded as the perfect destination for everyone who enjoys the outdoors and wildlife. Each year, several visitors from local and far destinations stay in the forest.

Himalayan Bird Park

Photographers and bird enthusiasts frequently travel to the Himalayan Bird Park. Shimla is well known for its stunning natural surroundings, but the variety of animals that lives there and on the neighboring hillsides only adds to its appeal. You may find a variety of fascinating species at the Himalayan Bird Park, some of which you may have never seen before.

The park also has a variety of rare and endangered bird species. Additionally, the park includes tranquil and calming trees, fauna, and flora to give guests a homelike feeling. You may see a wide variety of stunning and vibrant birds, such as Himalayan monals, pheasants, peacocks, and much more.

Christ Church

One of the top ten tourist attractions in Shimla is the well-known Christ Church. Both tourists and residents find it to be a very appealing location. It is a magnificent structure that was created during the British era. It is a magnificent architectural landmark, and people come here to worship the Almighty or simply to behold its beauty. This is the place to be if you want to experience colonial-era Christian religious practice. It was created in such a beautiful way that it exemplifies faith, hope, compassion, patience, and humanity so that people are made aware of the sophisticated and illustrious Christian culture.

Viceregal Lodge

The Viceregal Lodge is Shimla's most fascinating structure. It has a significant historical significance as well. It has impressive historical architecture, and a thorough exploration of the entire set could take up to half a day. From the year 1888 through the year 1946, the Indian Viceroy spent his summers in this lovely setting, where he resided. The Viceroy is in charge of several important changes that have occurred in the Lodge.

Summer Hill

Only 5 kilometers separate Summer Hills, a stunning city and suburb, from the renowned Ridge of Shimla. It

is a member of the seven-hill cluster and one of the top tourist destinations in Shimla because it has stunning natural scenery, is surrounded by lush vegetation including Pine, Oak, and Deodar trees, and provides a beautiful view of the dawn or sunset. Trekking, paragliding, nature hikes, and other adventure sports are perfect there. Anyone wishing to capture the shades of colors of natural magnificence should visit the location. The peaceful neighborhood is the perfect place for individuals who like to enjoy a stroll amidst Mother Nature's calm because it is located at an elevation of roughly 2,123 meters above sea level.

Indian Institute of Advanced Research

The Indian Institute of Advanced Studies must be on your list of must-see attractions in Shimla if you're interested in history, art, or education. Built during the British era, the institute primarily served as the Indian viceroy's summer resort before being donated to the country by the then-president, Dr. Radhakrishnan, as a facility to support advanced humanities and art studies in India. You can travel through modern Indian history in this edifice, which has a classical architectural style and contains images and accounts of significant historical encounters between Indian leaders and Britishers.


The British people, who ruled during the time this historical masterpiece was created, were fans of various thrilling entertainment sports like racing, golf, and horseback riding. Annandale, a flat area about 3.5 kilometers from the well-known Ridge, has been transformed into Shimla's recreational area for hosting activities like golf, cricket, and polo. The location is under the control of the Indian Army and is located at a height of roughly 1,864 meters. It provides one of the best views of the city and its surrounds and is shaded by lovely deodar and oak trees.

Jakhoo Hill

A hamlet for all nature lovers and pilgrims who come to seek the blessings of the holy God Hanuman, rising tall at an elevation of 108 feet at the Jakhoo Temple, Jakhoo Hills is thought to be the tallest hill in Shimla and one of the top locations to visit in Shimla. The hill, which is one of Shimla's top tourist destinations, is 8,000 feet tall. The statue, which is only a couple of kilometers from Shimla, provides a spectacular perspective of the Shivalik mountain ranges and the neighboring town of Sanjauli.

Shimla State Museum

The Shimla State Museum is one of the many attractive sites to visit in Shimla all year long and is situated on Mount Pleasant. A visit to this location is noteworthy because of the expansive lawns and stunning British architecture. The museum, which first welcomed visitors in 1974, has historical artifacts, works of art, sculptures, and handicrafts from the colonial era, illuminating the state's illustrious past and presenting its rich culture and legacy. The structure also houses representatives of the Indian government.

Naldehra Peak

View the breathtaking sunrise and sunset from the quaint, picturesque Himachal town of Naldehra. One of the most well-known sites to visit near Shimla, the location is well-known for its nine-hole golf course and provides the most beautiful sunrise and sunset vistas. The tiny hamlet boasts wonderful forest cover to be enjoyed on a pony ride, with lush slopes, dense Deodar and Pine trees, and naturally rich flora and fauna. You'll be gasping for more as a result of the breathtaking scenery, calm atmosphere, and clean air.

Kali Bari Temple

This temple, which was built in the year 1845, has long been a favorite destination for travelers who come to the area to take in the architecture's exquisite beauty and cultural diversity. The temple is devoted to Goddess Kali, also known as Shyamala in popular culture, therefore the name Shimla. Make it a point to visit the location to experience a delightful adventure while in Shimla. Tourists are drawn to the area because of the close-up views they may get of the natural splendor. This temple is a paradise and the ideal place to spend some time alone if you're looking for peace. Visit the location in the morning or during the evening prayers to get the most out of your vacation.

Chadwick Falls

The Chadwick Falls is one of the must-see tourist destinations in Shimla for people looking to get away from the monotony of city life. It's a sight to behold as the fall scales from a height of 90 meters! Small streams that flow into a deep chasm and a lush green valley that surrounds its base give the area its picturesque appeal and render it picture-perfect. One of the top attractions near Shimla is this tranquil waterfall. Soon after the rainy season, when the falling water seems lovely, the fall is magnificent! The area will be lush and beautiful during the rainy season, which is another great time to come. Small businesses readily provide food and drink.

Mall Road

The Mall Road is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Shimla. It is not just a draw for tourists and other visitors, but it is also one of the top destinations for locals to go shopping. This well-known shopping area is a refuge for shopaholics and one of the most popular spots to visit in Shimla. It offers everything from cozy woolens and traditional footwear to lovely handicrafts, jewelry, and show pieces. Additionally, it has several cafes, clubs, banks, restaurants, post offices, and tourist information centers. Visitors enjoy taking strolls around the mall, browsing the many stores, and seeing movies at the Gaiety Theatre, a recreation of a bygone British theatre.

The Scandal Point, Ridge

The statue of Indian freedom warrior Lala Lajpat Rai marks Scandal Point, which is where Mall Road and the Ridge converge. Its precise origin is unknown; however, the term is typically connected to romantic legend.

Its strategic location, perfectly positioned against the magnificent mountains, makes for an excellent base from which to visit local tourist attractions. This area, which is dotted with several stores and cafes, is great for going horseback riding or simply unwinding on the benches.

Shaily Peak

The Shaily Peak may be reached after a two-hour journey from Shimla to Khatnol and a five-kilometer, strenuous hike. Foot-deep snow covers parallel trails and dense woodlands as the steep trail winds across them.

This location, which is stranded on an isolated rock face surrounded by green deodar trees and snow that is completely white, draws innumerable adventurers every year because of its breathtaking views of the vast terrain. Those who struggle with arduous hikes can ride horses that are available at the base.

Johnnie’s Wax Museum

This museum is a must-see attraction in Shimla and is situated inside the venerable Willow Banks estate on mall Road. It features 16 imported from London life-size wax figures of luminaries from Bollywood, Hollywood, and politics standing side by side.

The museum's presentation is completed by a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, as well as statues of Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Johnny Depp, James Bond, Robert Downey Jr., Harry Potter, Michael Jackson, and others.

Jubbal Palace

This palace is without a doubt the largest building in Shimla, located 5.8 kilometers from the city center. It is a towering structure with a cream color, sloping roofs, red chimneys, tiered gardens, and Virginia vines that contribute to the building's elegance. It shines out among pine and cedar woodlands.

According to history, Raja Rana Sir Bhagat Chandra destroyed the previous Victorian building in 1938 and replaced it with this summer home. It was constructed using a distinctive fusion of Indian and Chinese architectural forms.

Rothney Palace

On the road that runs up to the Jakhu Temple near Lakkar Bazar, you can peer between the gates of this 19th-century home to put your eyes on its elaborate glass and timber work.

Allan Octavian Hume, a colonial reformer and naturalist, had this home constructed for him. While living here, he worked mostly on political reforms and compiled bird records for the Indian subcontinent. The house is now in ruins after more than a century and has moss growing on its walls, making it resemble a garden in certain ways.


Theog is a quiet community nestled in the protective arms of the majestic Himalayas. Nothing but a combination of concrete and wooden homes with apple trees clinging to their exteriors can be found here. There isn't a lot of conversation or activity, and that is exactly its allure.

You are compelled to slow down and pay closer attention to the small things in the hamlet, such as the way the sunshine catches the leaves of the trees across from your room's window. However, you can work up an appetite for regional specialties like side (steamed bread loaded with seeds), saag, and converse with the people about the pleasures of simple living while you work up an appetite.

Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary

The typical suspects including jackals, deer, and leopards reside in this reserve. Visit Deo Tibba, Bandar Poonch, Pir Panjal, and other peaks for fantastic views. The canopies of trees like deodar, pine, and oak are home to monkeys and langurs. Weeping willows and maples, which are plentiful, offer plenty of cover for stalking animals. Wild strawberries grow to brighten the woodland during the monsoon season.

In addition to being beautiful, it serves as a vital link between the Shimla Reserve and the Chail Sanctuary in the south.